Committee 2017/2018

The Executive Committee is in charge of policy and general management of the Friends of Soqotra affairs. To read more about the tasks of the Executive Committee, download the constitution of the Friends of Soqotra.

Kay van Damme (Chairman), Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F), c/o Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum, Frankfurt a.M., Germany Julian Jansen Van Rensburg (Vice-chair and secretary), UK
Dana Pietsch (Webmaster), Geographer University of Tübingen; Asylum centre Tübingen, Germany Sabina Knees (Treasurer), Botanist, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK
Miranda Morris (Honorary Chair) Research Fellow, St. Andrews University, UK Lisa Banfield (Tayf editor), Conservation Officer Al 'Ain Zoo, UAE and Botanist, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK
Hana Habrova (Tayf editor), Researcher, Mendel University Brno, Czech Republic Isam Edin Mohammed Ali (Translator), Sudan
Salwa Barkwan, Yemen Raquel Vasconcelos, Biologist, CIBIO, Portugal and IBE/Institute of Evolutionary Biology Barcelona, Spain
Fabio Attorre, Botanist, Sapienza University and Botanic Garden Rome, Italy Peter deGeest, Geologist, Belgium
Sue Christie, Head of the Executive Northern Ireland Environment Link, UK Vladimir Melnik, Photographer, Moscow, Russia
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