Becoming a FOS member

Friends of Soqotra currently has approximately 100 members, individual and institutional.

Membership entitles you to the newsletter, Tayf, and to participate in the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is the occasion when decisions are taken concerning those activites which Friends of Soqotra wishes to support in the coming year. The newsletter and AGM provide an opportunity for those interested in Soqotra to exchange views and, in addition, we use emails during the year to keep our members in touch with each other.

The annual membership fee is 30 Euros, or 30 US Dollars or 25 Pounds Sterling. In addition to projects supporting the sustainable development of the Soqotra Archipelago, the funds of the organisation are used to produce and distribute the newsletter (which is published in both English and Arabic and is also distributed free on Soqotra).

We welcome new members. If you wish to join, please contact the Membership Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. Hugh Morris via e-mail. The annual member fee can be paid online by PayPal or in cash during the Friends of Soqotra Annual Meeting.


  • Using PayPal is a safe and convenient way of paying.
  • You will need to provide a credit/debit card but please be assured that the details are secure.
  • When you have completed your payment, PayPal will send email confirmation of the transaction.
  • An email will also be sent to the Treasurer who will transfer your payment to the FoS account.
  • We hope you find this method a convenient method of paying your subscription but if you have any queries please contact the Treasurer. Thank you.
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